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Disposable cameras developing

Types of disposable cameras we develop

We develop (process) color and black & white disposable cameras that look like these:

Price list

JobPriceTime to do
prints only (4″x6″)$5 + $.25 / print 1 day
email only$13 1 day
4″x6″ prints + email $5 + $.25 / print + $5.95 1 day
scan to USB only$12 1 day
4″x6″ prints + scan to USB$5 + $.25 / print + $4.95 1 day

You’ll get your negatives back.

How to pay

  • cash
  • credit / debit card
  • pay over the phone (we will need your card # and expiration date, we’ll send you a receipt as a text msg or email)

We don’t accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo or cryptocurrency.

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