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Scanning (film, photos, slides)

We offer scanning of:

  • photos (up to 8.5″x11″) (one-sided and two-sided)
  • 35mm films (35mm color and black&white, but not E-6)
  • 35mm slides (color and black&white)
  • Instax and Polaroid photos

We don’t scan:

  • books
  • blueprints
  • documents
  • artwork
  • photos that can’t be detached from their frames
  • anything larger than 8.5″x11″

Price and turnaround time depends on the quantity of materials, urgency of work and quality (resolution) of the scanning.

The digital copies we will send you by email/WeTransfer, upload to Google Drive or copy to your or our USB drive.

Our fast scanner allows to scan large volume of photos (~500) with high resolution (300 or 600 DPI) in just 24 hours, while preserving the high quality of images, that a flatbed scanner gives.

If colors on the photos are not natural, we are able to do color correction and adjustment of white balance to make them look close to natural.

Scanning photos that require taking them out of photo album takes 3x-5x more time, then scanning loose photos.

To get an estimate, feel free to send us and email or give us a call (718) 875-1776 or simply bring the materials for scanning to the store.

Thank you!

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Film developing and scanning into CD/USB/email (35mm and 120mm films)

Types of film we develop

35mm and 120mm film developing in Brooklyn NY 11201

We develop (process) these types of film:

  • color films (C-41) (35mm and 120mm)
  • black & white films (35mm and 120mm)
  • disposable cameras (color and black & white)
  • APS films

We don’t develop (don’t process):

  • E-6 (slide) films
  • 110mm films
  • 220mm films
  • other film types
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