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Converting video & audio cassette tapes and films into digital format (DVD/USB, MP4/MP3)

At Photoreal we offer conversion (digitalization) of popular video and audio cassette tapes and films on a reel into digital format: DVD disk or AudioCD or USB flash drive (in MP4/MOV/AVI/WMV or MP3/OGG format). Majority of the tapes are converted on our premises in Brooklyn, NY. Only films on the reel are outsourced to another company in NYC.

Please be advised, that:

  • if the tape is older than 25 years or if it has been stored in other than “cool and dry place” for a long time, than the quality of the audio and video on your tape / film will be bad in majority of the cases and it will be bad after we convert it to digital format;
  • we are not able to improve the quality of the audio and video, we convert “as is”.

We only convert audio and video cassette tapes and films on a reel from analog to digital format.

Tape and cassette digitizing (conversion to digital): VHS, VHS-c, VHS-compact, Hi8, Video8, miniDV, Super 8, Standard 8 film on a reel convert (digitize) to a DVD disk, USB stick or USB thumb drive, hard disk drive (HDD)
Tape or film typePrice to convert tape into CD / DVDPrice to convert tape into digital video/audio onto a USB flash drive (MP4 or MP3 format)Timeframe
VHS (NTSC & PAL)$22 for first 2 hours of video on the tape + $10/hour for each next hour on the same tape$35 for first 2 hours of video on the tape + $12/hour for each next hour on the same tape2 tapes / day
VHS-c (NTSC & PAL)$22 per cassette$35 (includes conversion into a DVD)3 tapes / day
miniDV (NTSC only)$22 per cassette$35 (includes conversion to a DVD)3 tapes / day
8mm (Video8), Hi8, Digital8 (NTSC only) Call for pricing.Call for pricing.2 tapes / day
8mm/16mm film on a reelCall for pricing.Call for pricing.1 week
audio-cassetteCall for pricing.Call for pricing.3 tapes / week
vinyl recordCall for pricing.Call for pricing.3 vinyl records / week
DVDn/aCall for pricing.2 hours per DVD

We don’t convert these types of tapes: Betamax, Betacam, micro-cassettes.

If you want the tapes to be converted into USB, you can either provide your own USB drive or hard drive (it has to have at least 4 GB of free space) or get a USB flash drive from us for $15-$25.

Tapes are converted on “First come – first served” basis. Most of the time we already have several tapes for conversion, so if you need the tapes to be converted by certain time & date, please call the store (718) 875-1776 to ask for the availability to do your order by certain time & date.

Thank you!

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