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Email: photoreal52@gmail.com

On Monday 02/18/2019 we'll be open short hours - 9:30 am till 3 pm, because of the holiday (President's day).


Photo professionals we recommend

  • Nate Rudy - makes high-resolution 3D virtual reality photo tours of your office / house / apartment  in New York and New Jersey - https://www.terraaltusphoto.com/ . High resolution 3D photo tours will let you stand out of the crowd and help you rent out / sell your real estate property faster.
  • Jon Simmons - wedding photographer and videographer in New York, NY - https://www.foresmefilms.com/. He will turn your love story into a movie and a collection of photos. 10+ years of experience. Loves his job.
  • Tatiana Godard (Ilina) - owner of a photo studio in Brooklyn, NY; wedding photographer and videographer - www.tatianagodard.com  . Will make a professional family portrait with any background you like. Also will work as a photographer / videographer on your wedding / family reunion and birthday party. Ex-photojournalist for french news paper Paris Match. Visual arts teacher, freelance photographer, filmmaker. Expert in photography with lots of diplomas, degrees and certificates (see them on her website www.tatianagodard.com ).