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On January 21st 2018 (Monday) we will be closed, because of Martin Luther King's Day!


Photo restoration services - restore your old photos today!

photo restoration brooklyn ny, restore old photos today

We temporatily don't do photo restoration until February 12th, 2018. We still accept orders for it, but they will be processed during the 2nd half of February 2018.

We can restore your old photos and make them look like new.

Time and price

Price for photo restoration is $150 for 1st person, $25 for every extra person on the photo. For this price you can order anything: change background, set specific color for clothes, hair, remove some objects from the photo, etc.

Usually it takes 2 weeks to do the restoration. But if it's urgent, we will try to do it faster.

How to order

Just bring us the photo(s), we will take a look at them and tell you if it's possible to restore the photo and how much it will cost and how much time it will take. You don't have to place an order after we give you the price and time quote.

Thank you!