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Email: photoreal52@gmail.com

On January 21st 2018 (Monday) we will be closed, because of Martin Luther King's Day!


Disposable cameras developing

disposable cameras developing development in brooklyn ny at photoreal one hour photo laboratory for photographers

We develop disposable cameras (Fuji, Kodak and others) since 1992.

Prices for developing disposable cameras:

  • just developing (you will get only negatives) is $5 for color film / $7 for black&white film;
  • developing and 1 set of 4"x6" prints is $12.78 for color film and $14.96 for black and white film (maximum); second set of prints is $9.00;
  • developing + CD is $11.00; 
  • developing + CD + 1 set of 4"x6" prints is $17.08 for color film and $19.26 for black & white film (maximum); second set of prints is $9.00;
  • copying photos from CD to USB is $1 extra, emailing photos from CD is $2 extra (we send them via WeTransfer).

Prices already include tax.

Time to process and how to order

  • Just bring your films and tell us what you need, we'll give you the price and tell you when it's going to be ready.
  • If it's a rush order or if we are not busy, we'll do your order within an hour.
  • If you bring the films after 3 pm and you have 4 rolls or more, then they will be ready next business day in the afternoon.
  • On Saturday we don't develop disposable cameras, but we take orders for developing!
  • Black and white films and disposable cameras we develop as soon as we accumulate 4 rolls, so usually it takes 1-3 business days to process them (developing, scanning to CD, making prints).
  • Price for printing photos depends on how many good photos the film has, we don't print bad shots and don't charge for it.
  • We accept cash and all debit and credit cards. We don't accept PayPal or Bitcoin.

Thank you!