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On January 21st 2018 (Monday) we will be closed, because of Martin Luther King's Day!


Copy CD to CD and DVD to DVD

copy CD to CD, copy DVD to DVD, CD and DVD duplication services in Brooklyn NYWe make copies of CDs or DVDs using professional duplication equipment.

Time and price

Make 1 or 2 copies of one CD takes 5-7 minutes.

Make 1 or 2 copies of one DVD takes 10-15 minutes.

$5 for each copy of a CD,
$8 for each copy of a DVD.

We put each disk in a separate envelope for your convenience.

We don't make copies of copy-protected CDs or DVDs.

How to order

Just bring us a CD or DVD and tell us how many copies you need. We'll make copies and send you the text when it's ready or you can wait 5-10 minutes in our office while we are making copies.

We can also deliver copies and originals to you, if you are in Brooklyn Heights.

Thank you!